There is more than just one type when it comes to the design of the blade of kayak paddles as it is the same with the types of kayaks themselves which are available in a varied range, ranging from the inflatable kayak to the solid one. Thus, when looking for the right kayak paddle for you, you also have to consider the designs of the blade.

The shapes of the blades of kayak paddles are basically divided into two which are feathered and non-feathered. The feathered paddle means the position of one of his blade is not parallel to the other blade. Usually, the angle is formed between 45 to 90 degrees. While for the Non-feathered blade, the positions of both of the blades are parallel. One of the advantages of using a feathered paddle is to reduce wind pressure on the blade paddle. At the time when the blade sinks in the water, the blades of which split the wind well.

The angle of feathered blades varies between 45 to 90 degrees, even though mostly a feathered paddle is made with an angle of 45 to 65 degrees. Small angles are usually more comfortable for your wrist when rowing; nevertheless, the large angle which is greater than 65 degrees is good to produce a more efficient stroke.

With a feathered paddle, it would be easier for your hands to control your stroke. Your hands should rotate the handle of the paddle on each stroke so that their blades enter the water at a right angle according to your control. Most of the rafting paddles are designed to be controlled with the right hand, while the kayak paddle, especially the touring kayak, uses two blades that can set yourself the angle between the two so that you can easily determine which hand will control the pace of your kayak. Controlling your stroke depends on your comfort when doing so, can the right hand or left hand. Most people are more comfortable with her right hand, but not a few who always resting on his left hand.