We should keep a dog as a friend, to help us maintain, make our lives more colourful, and there is no communication between master and dog. But often the dog makes his master upset, good night time where hours of sleep, or too early, or during the day, barking and very disturbing, infants neighbors woke up, we were disturbed neighbor disturbed, so that tomorrow morning, no smile from our neighbors, or our lack of sleep resulting in less concentration of working time, and many things else will result from our dog’s bark. To that end, the Anti Bark here is very suitable for owners who do not have the time, the dog barking for no reason, that the owner could not wake up at midnight because the dog barking without any reason, or for those who do not know what else to do, then try using anti bark collar training. Look the word “Training”, so indeed we train our dog to understand. We suggest you to choose Dogtra Bark Collar to train your dog barks. This collar has many advantages, in addition, we also provide a warranty for one year after purchase.

What is Anti Bark Collar Training? Bark Collar is composed of 3 types most commonly found, namely:

– Spray anti bark training collar work where so this tool detects barking is not true, then he will automatically spray lemon smell, so the dog distracted and concentration not to bark, and effectively silencing him. Usually for small dogs or dogs pet/companion dog effectively.

– Static anti bark training collar work where so this tool detects barking is not true, then the tool automatically provides stimulus sensation of the lowest level, the dog is not silent, will be given stimulus sensation of the second level, if silent, after 5 minutes, the level of stimulation will drop automatic. This tool is suitable for all types of dogs, and this tool works on dogs with problems alone, other dogs are not affected.

– Ultrasonic together with other tools, it’s just that these tools emit ultrasonic sound painful ear. This tool not only about dogs is problematic, but other dogs will also listen to the sound as well.